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“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how beautiful and rich reality truly is.”

Give us a look and see!!!


G-Studio 1's vision is to set itself on the map in a positive manner. We want to be your one stop shop for your photos, videos, editing and recording needs as well as business, advertising needs and goals... The place where you're only limited by your imagination. A chance to help nurture your creative gift(s)…  in conjunction with originality and reasonable pricing, there is no need to look any further.  The following will be available; Hair, Nails, Makeup, Clothing for all Photo sessions as well as Videos for those who desire to record on DVD and or CD.

G-Studio1 has a Health and Wellness department... Holistic Massage Therapy, Weight Loss & Mental Health .

 Starting or wanting to start your own business??? Let us get you started providing help with nearly all aspects to starting your own business including but not limited to the following: LLC, EIN, Business Plan, Advertisement ETC...

 Coming soon, G-Studio1 will also have an online store where our company products can be purchased via 

There will be an upcoming program for youth providing but not limited to the following: Etiquette, Art of Dance, Dance Lessons, Art of Song and Singing lessons. We are also proud to report our up coming summer youth mentoring program, which is G-Studio1's way of paying it forward. Youth will have the opportunity to learn the aspects of the business and the skills needed to work a specific job and even the business itself...

Last but not least G-Studio1 has an upcoming Live broadcast site called G-Lets just talk about it... This Live Video broadcast is one that you can join that will cover current issues that are plaguing today's world that no one really ever talks about but should. You will have the opportunity to put in a request to discuss issues that you feel need to be brought to attention  or questions you have about something you need help figuring out. You may also request to be a live broadcast guest speaker at anytime. We will feature up to three guest speakers per broadcast... (Must be a current member in good standing to be a guest speaker)
Please check us out @ 

Sign up start lists for membership, guest speakers, and discussion topics will begin soon.
Watch for updates!!!


G-Studio1's goal is simple; We welcome the opportunity to show you how naturally beautiful and special you are. No matter what walk of life, social class, or lifestyle choice. Your measurements, skin tone, age, and gender are a nonissue. We would be honored to help assist you in unlocking and discovering your hidden talent(s), creative gift(s) and /or skills.


G-Studio1's belief is that violence is very often a product of ignorance. What people don't understand they tend to fear and what they fear, they often seek to destroy.
We know the cure for ignorance is knowledge and with knowledge comes understanding and with that comes peaceful resolution to conflicts. We also know and understand that humans are wonderful, resilient creatures. Life for us is like chess, after check the game still continues. It's never too late to change for the better... We have been gifted by God with dreams. Let us assist you in finding the meaning behind yours!!!

small value package

  1. 4 by 6 = (5)
  2. 5 by 7 = (4)
  3. 8.5 by 11 = (2)
Pick two separate photos for print of any size listed in any combination... Price: $160.

SITTING FEE: $30. per session

medium value package

ORDER# 630
  1. 4 by 6 = (10) photos
  2. 5 by 7 = (8) photos
  3. 8.5 by 11 = (4) photos 
Pick up to five separate photos for print of any size listed above in any combination... Price: $300.
* BONUS FREE DVD of all desired photos taken and set to music of your choice on a slide show...
**ADDITIONAL DVD @ $5. per copy

SITTING FEE: $30. per session

large value package

ORDER# 631
  1. 4 by 6 = (20)
  2. 5 by 7 = (16)
  3. 8.5 by 11 = (8)
Pick 10 separate photos for print in any size combination listed above...
Price: $550
*BONUS 2 FREE DVD of all desired photos taken and set to music of your choice on a slide show...
**ADDITIONAL DVD$5. per copy

SITTING FEE: $20. per session

additional prints

ORDER# 728     4 by 6 $1. each                     ORDER# 729      set of 6 @ $5. 

ORDER#  730     5 by 7 $1.50 each               ORDER# 731     set of 6 @ $7.

ORDER# 732      8.5 by 11 $2.50 each          ORDER# 733     set of 6 @ $10.


ORDER# 830
PACKAGE: 1 = 10 Photos, pick of six separate style photos for print...
up to 3 wardrobe changes
up to 6 separate backgrounds
Price: $275.

SITTING FEE: $30. per session

 (All editing is included in the package price.)


ORDER# 831
PACKAGE 2 = 20 photos, pick of ten separate style photos for print...
up to 5 wardrobe changes
up to 10 background choices
Price: $470.
*BONUS: 1 DVD of all desired photos set to music of choice with effects...

SITTING FEE: $25 per session

(All editing is included in package price)


PACKAGE 3 = 40 Photos, pick twenty separate style photos for print
up to 10 changes
up to 20 background choices
Price: $815.
*BONUS: 4 DVD of all desired photos set to music of choice with effects

SITTING FEE: $20. per session

(All editing is included in package price)



100% COTTON CANVAS PHOTO: $10. each

Available in 8.5 by 11 only


ORDER# 913


Available in 8.5 by 11 only


20,000 GREEN SCREEN BACKDROPS / BACKGROUND to choose from... (included in price)

Every mood, season, holiday, etc...  (all included in value package price)

Order# 914

PHOTO LAMINATIONS: Protection against sun, aging, fading, drying out and cracking... @ $2.50  per page

video services

Record yourself doing some fun and awesome stuff!!!

* Singing live, karaoke, lip synching

* Rocking your air guitar

* Ghost dancing with a loved one 

* Record professional Auditions for screen play

* Record a documentary for film

* more...

(Contact sales management for consult, pricing and purchase.) 

Sale Management: Glen Cimaglia 

Photo, video editing price list


* $10 per print change


* $50 and up depending on length of video

(all prices are subject to change at the discretion of management)...

(Please contact sales management for video editing consult, pricing and purchase.)

Sales manager: Glen Cimaglia 


All desired Photos and wordings can be printed on shirts, pants, jackets, glassware, etc... 

If product is provided by G-Studio1the following prices applies:

Single print shirts @ $10 each for small, med, large...  

Single print shirts @ $14 each for X-large, XX-large, XXX-large, XXXX-large


Bulk prints for business and event shirts

50 @ $8 or 100 @ $6 each for small, med, large

50 @ $11 or 100 @ $9 each for X- large, XX-large, XXX-large, XXXX-large

(Please contact sales management for pricing and purchase)

Sales management: Glen Cimaglia


(Special pricing for charitable events available)

Crazy fun text for display and wear...

G-Studio1 wants you to get creative and do you!!!
Make your own sayings, designs etc... Let us bring them to life for you!!!
Be an original!!!

G-studio1 original creations photo card

 Our original take on the old standard special card gifts...

No longer will the standard apply... 

We have many templates to choose from... 

Priced @ $8. comes in a standard black frame...

Gift wrapped, packaged and mailed for extra $4. 

We can design one just for your desired effects written originally by you as the Author...

Please go to our gallery and give our templates a look!!!

See nothing you like, together we'll come up with something for you that you will love...

Please proceed to our G-Studio1 original creations Gallery for a list of our originals...

To design your own and or purchase one of ours, please contact 

Sales management: Glen Cimaglia

Holistic Mind Body and Spirit

G-Studio1 Holistic Massage Therapy Service consists of sound, smell, in combination with a therapeutic massage that is commonly used in placement of meds... It is also known for inducing mental relief allowing relaxation of the mind from stress that can cause the body unnecessary ailments... Treatment varies by the individual... After a complete assessment and evaluation a treatment plan will be devised to the specifications needed for the individual...

All sessions include; relaxation, meditation therapy music and relaxation scents of your choice to help send you to your special place of peace, relaxation and serenity... Along with topicals and massage oils for massage therapy... I binder with assessment, treatment plan and progress reports to keep...

Prices $40. - $189.
Timed sessions 15 - 90 minutes
$40. - 15 minutes
$70 - 30 minutes
$119 - 60 minutes
$189 - 90 minutes
(Price list does not include the one time first visit assessment fee of $75)



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G-studio1 discounts


*Students with a minimum GPA of 3.5

*Veterans of Foreign War and Immediate family members

* Immediate Family members of fallen Veterans

*Cancer patients

*Cancer patient survivors

* Rainbow Families

Order Lists & Payment

ORDER# 629


ORDER# 631


ORDER# 728


ORDER# 729


ORDER# 730


ORDER# 731


ORDER# 732


ORDER# 733


ORDER# 830


ORDER# 833


ORDER# 912


ORDER# 913


ORDER# 914










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