G-Studio 1's vision is to set itself on the map in a positive manner. We want to be your one stop shop for your photos, videos, editing and recording needs as well as business, advertising needs and goals... The place where you're only limited by your imagination. A chance to help nurture your creative gift(s)…  in conjunction with originality and reasonable pricing, there is no need to look any further.  The following will be available; Hair, Nails, Makeup, Clothing for all Photo sessions as well as Videos for those who desire to record on DVD and or CD.

G-Studio1 has a Health and Wellness department... Holistic Massage Therapy, Weight Loss & Mental Health .

 Starting or wanting to start your own business??? Let us get you started providing help with nearly all aspects to starting your own business including but not limited to the following: LLC, EIN, Business Plan, Advertisement ETC...

 Coming soon, G-Studio1 will also have an online store where our company products can be purchased via 

There will be an upcoming program for youth providing but not limited to the following: Etiquette, Art of Dance, Dance Lessons, Art of Song and Singing lessons. We are also proud to report our up coming summer youth mentoring program, which is G-Studio1's way of paying it forward. Youth will have the opportunity to learn the aspects of the business and the skills needed to work a specific job and even the business itself...

Last but not least G-Studio1 has an upcoming Live broadcast site called G-Lets just talk about it... This Live Video broadcast is one that you can join that will cover current issues that are plaguing today's world that no one really ever talks about but should. You will have the opportunity to put in a request to discuss issues that you feel need to be brought to attention  or questions you have about something you need help figuring out. You may also request to be a live broadcast guest speaker at anytime. We will feature up to three guest speakers per broadcast... (Must be a current member in good standing to be a guest speaker)
Please check us out @ 

Sign up start lists for membership, guest speakers, and discussion topics will begin soon.
Watch for updates!!!